It all starts with the patient.

Southwest Spine and Pain Center’s experienced team of pain management specialists provide world-class pain care.

With convenient locations across Utah, Derek Frieden, M.D., Jon Obray, M.D., Rick Obray, M.D., Brian Richardson, M.D., Alan Hillstead, M.D., Bryan C. Hoelzer, M.D., Bryt Christensen, M.D., Cole Robinson, M.D., and Eric Freeman, M.D., provide extraordinary, compassionate patient care while giving hope to those suffering from pain.

The expertise offered by Southwest Spine & Pain Center is second to none and provides patients with a cutting-edge advantage in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions.

Kalli's Story
chronic headaches
Steve's Story
back pain
Jim's Story
neck, shoulder, & back pain
Delray's Story
back pain

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