Suffering from back or leg pain?

Take your life back with Minuteman® minimally-invasive surgery system.


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Southwest Spine and Pain is excited to offer a new approach to provide relief for patients suffering from debilitating pain in the lower back that may extend into the buttocks, legs, and feet.


Overview & Procedure 

If a patient suffers from chronic back and leg pain and has not found relief from conservative treatments, their physician may recommend a minimally invasive spinal fusion called Minuteman. The  Minuteman offers a less invasive alternative to traditional fusion procedures. When it comes to stabilizing the spine, the Minuteman has been shown to be comparable to screws and rods and is meant to alleviate symptoms of back and leg pain.  

A Minuteman procedure is performed in an outpatient surgery center or hospital. During this procedure,  a 1-inch incision is made on the low back. A dilation system is used to access the spine, and the  Minuteman is implanted between the spinous process with bone graft. The advantages of this approach are that it does not require dissection or retraction of the sensitive back muscles, bones, or nerves. This may lead to a shorter operative time, less blood loss, reduced hospital stay(s), and a faster recovery time. 

After Care 

Immediately after the procedure, patients are sent to a separate room to recover. During this time, the patient’s vitals are monitored for any signs of an adverse reaction. Later that day, the patient will go home after they are given self-care instructions. An adult family member or friend will need to drive the patient home. Before leaving the clinic: patients are checked to be sure they have recovered from the anesthesia and are healthy enough to go home. A prescription for pain medication or other medications will be sent to the pharmacy following the procedure to be filled right away. A back brace may be recommended. Complications from this procedure are rare but may include fever, infection, bleeding, increased pain, or leg weakness. If the patient experiences these symptoms, they should report to the Southwest Spine and Pain Center. If it is after hours, they should report to the ER. 


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