Caudal Steroid Injection

Overview & Procedure
A caudal steroid injection is a minimally invasive treatment option for patients suffering from chronic low back pain and limb pain. This injection uses a steroid medication and anesthetic mixture to relieve pain and reduce inflammation caused by common back conditions like herniated discs, bone spurs,  sciatica, and more. Caudal Steroid injections are performed on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to return home the same day.

During the procedure, the surgical site is prepped by sanitizing the area and a local anesthetic is administered to reduce pain. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the physician will insert a needle through the sacral hiatus, an opening at the lower end of the sacrum, and inject a contrast dye. Using a  fluoroscope, the physician will ensure the treatment needle is placed in the correct location. Once the location has been confirmed, the physician will inject the steroid-anesthetic mixture into the inflamed nerves. When the procedure is complete, the needle will be removed, and a bandage will be placed over the injection site.

After Care
Immediately after the procedure, patients are sent to a separate room to recover. During this time, the patient’s vitals are monitored for any signs of an adverse reaction. The patient will be sent home with a  set of aftercare instructions to ensure an optimal recovery. Other aftercare instructions may include ways to manage post-procedural pain, such as applying ice packs, resting, and taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Patients should call Southwest Spine and Pain Center immediately if they begin to experience increased pain, fever, swelling, redness around the injection site, and other adverse side effects.