Graston Soft Tissue Technique

Developed by athletes as an effective treatment for all soft tissue injuries, both chronic and acute, the patented Graston Technique® (GT) therapy utilizes specialized steel instruments to break up scar tissue fibers and smooth the tissue underneath. By eliminating fascia tissue restrictions, the use of GT therapy during rehabilitation allows for faster recovery and greater success in restoring range of motion, restoring function, and reducing pain.

GT therapy has shown to be highly successful in both pre and post-surgical patients, and is changing how both clinicians and patients approach soft tissue treatment. The specialized Graston tool set allows providers to effectively detect and treat chronic inflammation and areas of soft tissue fibrosis.

Originally researched at Ball memorial Hospital and Ball State University in the early 1990s, the Graston Technique® was created by David Graston, a professional water skier who also had a background in tool making. In partnership with another athlete, who also suffered from injuries that had not responded to traditional therapies, the men sought to develop a new set of tools that would improve their recovery. Now known as Graston Instruments, these tools consist of a variety of uniquely-shaped and contoured steel scraping instruments designed to provide various massaging functions to different parts of the body. This includes larger tools designed to treat large muscle groups like the shoulders and back, hamstrings, IT band, as well as smaller instruments used for more focused areas like hands, feet, wrists, and ankles. 

While the proven benefits of the Graston Technique® are extensive, the most widely lauded include:

  • Expedited rehabilitation and recovery time

  • Ability to improve conditions considered to be permanent

  • Reduced need for anti-inflammatory medication 

Common conditions treated by the Graston Technique® include:

  • Ankle Pain (Achilles Tendinosis/itis) 

  • Back Pain

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Golfer's Elbow

  • Hamstring Injuries

  • Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) 

  • Hip Pain 

  • IT Band (Iliotibial Band) 

  • Knee Pain 

  • Neck Pain 

  • Scar Tissue 

  • Shoulder Pain (Rotator Cuff) 

  • Tennis Elbow 

  • Trigger Points 

  • Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) 

Dr. Russ Jepson DC of the Sports Spine and Injury Center is a certified specialist in the Graston Technique®. To learn more about GT therapy, and to decide whether it may be right for you, please contact the Sports Spine and Injury Center at Southwest Spine and Pain.

The Graston Soft Tissue Technique available at the Sports Spine and Injury Center with Dr. Russ Jepson. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call the Sports Spine and Injury Center at 435.688.7246, or request an appointment online.