Patient Safety is our Top Priority

A Note for Our Patients Regarding COVID-19

Before coming to one of our clinics, please consider the following:

  • Have you had a fever and/or new onset of cough or difficulty breathing/shortness of breath?
  • Does you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19?
  • Have you or anyone else come in close contact with someone who recently traveled domestically or internationally to a COVID-19 restricted area to include China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Japan and Singapore?
  • If any of the above questions is answered "YES", you may be required to wait 14 days for an appointment at our office in order to facilitate the protection of other patients and our staff against potential exposure to COVID-19. 
  • Please call our office immediately if you answered "yes" to any of the questions above and you have an appointment with us. You may be asked to reschedule your appointment if it is determined that you may have had contact with a person that is at risk of being exposed to COVID-19. We also recommend that patients contact their primary care provider or their local hospital (for more severe illness) to seek guidance.
  • If you need more information, please call the Utah Department of Health Corona Virus Hotline at 800-456-7707.