Chronic Pain IS a Disease

There seems to be a certain stigma associated with chronic pain. People who don’t suffer from chronic pain consistently judge, especially with how people cope with it. Those who do suffer from chronic pain often feel that their condition is stigmatized or mistreated. The Institute of Medicine recently voiced the need for a “transformation in how pain is perceived and judged.” Out society is seeing more and more patients of chronic pain, and thankfully physicians are beginning to see and understand the severity of these symptoms. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center patients can guarantee the physicians and medical staff to fully and appropriately diagnose and treat their symptoms of pain.

The Institute of Medicine recently reported that in many cases of chronic pain, it is determined as a disease. Because pain has morphed into a disease category of its own, there comes some disapproval with how people manage their pain and if they really are in as much pain as they say they are. However, the Institute of Medicine has recognized the physiological and psychological changes that occur in chronic pain sufferers.

Chronic pain is a hot topic. Just recently the International Association for the Study of Pain stated that there is a “fundamental human right” for people who need and want to access pain management. The physicians at Southwest Spine and Pain Center also acknowledge this right and offer many treatment options that are suitable for all different kind of patients of chronic pain.

Pain is seen in a multitude of areas. From diabetes to arthritis to law back, chronic pain affects all kinds of disorders. A reported 3 in 4 adults have multiple chronic illnesses. May their diabetes be linked with spinal stenosis or cancer treatments, Americans are harshly suffering and there seems to be an importance placed on the issue. For these adults who have more than one condition, physicians face a major difficulty in diagnosis or finding the cause of their pain. With that, these adults are sometimes holding back on what their pain levels are really at partly because they don’t want to admit their age is causing some of the problem. If you suffer from chronic pain, don’t hold back on any medical information to your physician. Their goal is to get you back to a pain free life, no matter your age.

The professional and experienced medical staff at Southwest Spine and Pain Center has worked with patients who suffer from all kinds of pain. They work with patients and families to conduct the best treatment process and getting back to a fully functioning pain free life.

If chronic pain is impacting your life, don't wait to schedule an appointment at Southwest Spine and Pain Center. With three locations and growing, the pain management specialists at Southwest Spine and Pain Center are dedicated to helping those who suffer from chronic pain live the life they want to! To schedule an appointment, visit our locations tab!

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