Most Ergonomic Chairs on the Market

Studies have found sitting for an extended period of time (more than half an average day) can increase your risk of developing serious health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. If that wasn’t bad enough, individuals living with chronic pain must consider this concern in addition to managing their pain symptoms.

The team at Southwest Spine and Pain Center encourages patients to get up and walk around every few minutes/hours during the work day to decrease some of these health risks. Additionally, the pain management physicians want patients to consider equipment that will help them feel as comfortable as possible.

Below are some of the most ergonomic chairs on the market for individuals suffering from chronic pain (in no particular order). Let us know what you think of these selections in the comment section below! 

1. “The Ultimate Office Chair for Back Relief”

Our friends at sell a chair that has a number of pain-reducing features. The chair has a pivoting seat and backrest that allows your spine to sit and move more comfortably. The chair also self-adjusts and can fit individuals between 5’1’ and 6’5”. If you’re interested in learning more about this unique chair, visit the company’s website and check out their product page. 

2. Embody by Herman Miller

Don’t let this modernist work of art scare you, it’s actually quite comfortable and perfect for those with lower back pain! Herman Miller’s chair designers worked diligently to research natural bodily movement and have created chairs that tilt to allow the body to recline and sit more naturally. More information on the science behind these chairs can be seen on their website.

3. Leap by Steelcase

This chair was made from some of the best minds in science, engineering and design. According to, Steelcase partnered with four universities, 27 scientists and 700 participants to design the best chair for spinal motion, posture and support. Other features include: reducing pressure on the spine, sending oxygen to muscles and increasing blood flow to the brain. Check out the “Leap” chair on the Steelcase website.

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