Physical Pain Is In Sync With Emotional Pain

30-Second Blog "Snapshot:"

  • Chronic stress can produce many physical symptoms like exhaustion, loss of appetite and chronic pain.
  • Studies over the years have shown chronic pain may be caused by both physical injury or trauma and emotional issues.
  • The team at Southwest Spine and Pain Center discusses how physical pain and emotional pain are connected to one another.

Anxiety and stress can have physical ramifications if not controlled through counseling or some kind of behavioral health therapy. A number of studies have indicated stress can constrict the muscles and nerves, causing physical pain. The physical discomfort is often a signal to the brain that emotional traumas needs to be resolved to reduce tension and other issues affected the nervous system.

Certain body pains may indicate different emotional problems, according to psychologist Dr. Susan Babel who specializes in trauma-induced depression. Below are just a few examples to Dr. Babel’s findings:

  • Headaches and Migraines: may indicate stress and tension.
  • Neck Pain: may indicate difficulty forgiving those you’re bothered by.
  • Shoulder Pain: may indicate carrying a big, emotional problem; you’re essentially “carrying the weight of a problem on your shoulders.”
  • Upper-Back Pain: may indicate you’re feeling unloved of do not have enough emotional support.
  • Lower-Back Pain: may indicate money problems or lacking both emotional and financial support.
  • Elbow Pain: may indicate resistance to change in life.

Although not all pain is caused by emotional stresses or traumas, it can definitely play a huge role in your overall health and wellbeing. Andy Thompson, the behavioral health therapist at Southwest Spine and Pain Center works with chronic pain patients to ensure they’re living the quality life they deserve. His services are available to anyone needing psychological help, or just wanting to talk about some life issues—no matter the situation, Andy provides patients with the tools they need to live a happier life! To learn more about behavioral health and Southwest Spine and Pain Center, please call one of the locations!

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