Spin Class and Chronic Pain: How To Get Through It

30-Second Blog “Snapshot:”

  • Exercising with fibromyalgia pain can be difficult to do, but on the flipside, can be rewarding when done right.
  • There is a difference between pushing through minor discomfort and full-blown pain.
  • The pain management specialists at Southwest Spine and Pain Center share how to get through your spin class with chronic pain.

Exercising regularly is important for optimal health. Although this statement probably fits into the “easier said than done” category, implementing a regular work out plan into your daily routine could help alleviate some of your fibromyalgia pain. Studies have found regular aerobic exercise (i.e. running, biking, swimming, etc.) increases blood flow and circulation, which consequently reduces pain.

There are many trends that surface within the fitness world, and although taking a spin class may not be classified as “new” for some people, it’s certainly become more popular in the last year or two. If you’ve jumped onto the spin class bandwagon, there are things you’ll need to keep in mind in order to get through some of the pain and discomfort.

Now, we are by no means suggesting you push through serious, potentially debilitating pain. We’re just providing patients with ways to get through some of the tougher parts of a spin class. Mild pain or discomfort may be inevitable for those who participate, but as a pain patient, it’s important you recognize when your pain is minimal and when your body is telling you you’ve had enough.

Distract Yourself With Empowering Words

If you’re feeling minor discomfort, you should be safe to continue at the pace your going. To challenge yourself, say empowering phrases to yourself. For example, remaining positive and saying things like “you can do this” or “you’re doing great, keep going” may help you get to your next level in class.

Be Aware Of What’s “Normal”

If you start to feel some aches and pains, tell yourself to slow down a little or to pace yourself. Although being in a room full of other physically fit individuals may bring out the inner competitor in you, it’s important to compete only with yourself. You don’t want to sustain a serious injury by trying to get on the same level as your fellow cyclers.

Use Imagery

If it helps, imagine your biking through your favorite place, like a beach or wooded forest. The mind if a powerful tool—use it to relieve some tension and discomfort when things get tough!

Most importantly, celebrate your accomplishments no matter how far or fast you went, and remember, take a few days off if you’re starting to experience moderate pain and stop indefinitely if the pain becomes severe. Talk to the physicians at Southwest Spine and Pain Center about other strategies to implement into your fitness routine and what treatment options are available if you go a little too fast and furious.

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