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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on January 30, 2015

Are you experiencing pain due to compression fractures in your spine? If you are, you may benefit from a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedure called kyphoplasty. Kyphoplasty is commonly referred to as “vertebral augmentation” and it is a procedure that repairs spinal fractures to reduce pain and other serious health problems like strenuous breathing, limited mobility, and on rare occasions, premature death.

The team at Southwest Spine and Pain Center specializes in comprehensive pain care and provides advanced treatment options like kyphoplasty to maximum pain relief. If you’re ready to stop living in pain, continue reading then call one of our offices to schedule an appointment with a highly-qualified pain management specialist. 

If you’re familiar with this...

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on January 28, 2015

With Super Bowl XLIX starting in 4 days, the team at Southwest Spine and Pain Center wants to discuss common football injuries. Moreover, what can be done to reduce pain caused by these injuries. Without further ado, below are some of the most common injuries professional football players sustain.

Sprains, strains and tears account for 40% of injuries. This typically includes:

  • Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament tears (ACL; PCL)
  • Medial collateral tears (MCL)
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Wrist, knee and ankle sprains

Contusions account for 24% of injuries. This typically includes:

  • Bruises
  • Turf Toe

Dislocations account for 15% of injuries. This...

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on January 23, 2015

Hip pain could be caused by a number of conditions or occurrences, like degenerative joint diseases (osteoarthritis), trauma (injury) or old age. Nevertheless, hip pain can make even the simplest tasks feel tortuous. Rest assured, there are a number of treatment options available for those suffering with hip pain that do not require surgery.

The team at Southwest Spine and Pain Center provides highly effective, non-surgical solutions for hip pain and wants patients to be aware of these treatment methods should they find themselves with a similar condition. Below are treatments that range from least invasive to moderately invasive.

Physical Therapy Or Exercise

Physical therapy or some form of strength training can help increase muscle tone and the...

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on January 21, 2015

Ten million Americans suffer from migraine headaches, which account for approximately 113 million lost workdays each year. Therefore, the issue of migraines is not just personal anymore, it’s an economic issue as well. There have been treatments in the works to prevent and treat migraines. The team at Southwest Spine and Pain Center is sharing some of the new approaches and advances patients can expect to see in the coming years for chronic migraine treatment.

TENS Device for Migraine Prevention

In March 2014, the FDA approved the marketing for the first transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device for the preventative treatment of migraine headaches. This TENS device, called “Cefaly,” is small, portable and battery operated. It will resemble...

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on January 16, 2015

Certain spinal and/or chronic pain conditions can be tricky for patients to manage. For example, if a patient is prescribed a pain medication and does not use it appropriately, serious health issues can occur. Another example may include a spine fracture patient forgetting or purposefully putting off a treatment or surgery for an extended period of time. No matter how you look at, spine and pain conditions can place a heavy burden on patients, and if not taken care of by a trained professional, can have serious implications. The specialists at Southwest Spine and Pain Center are cognizant of this and want patients to understand the ramifications avoiding or prolonging the time between treatments can have.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoidarthritis is a...

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on January 14, 2015

You’re probably well aware of the fact that pain affects not only you, but those around you as well because dealing with chronic pain can be exhausting. It can have a negative effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing, inadvertently hurting your social life. The pain management specialists at Southwest Spine and Pain Center understand pain conditions can have social implications, which is why they want to support patients in every way possible. If you’re struggling to sustain relationships with family members and friends, don’t lose hope. The team at Southwest Spine and Pain Center is dedicated to helping you through the stages of your chronic pain condition and want to provide tips on how to interact socially with others.

Talk it out

If you’ve...

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on January 9, 2015

With snow comes a plunging thermometer, wet clothes, socks and boots, and backbreaking (not literally, we hope!) shoveling. If you’re living in a cold, snowy climate, you probably know what we mean by “backbreaking.” The act of shoveling can be strenuous on your spine and may cause debilitating back injuries. Although common, back injuries from shoveling snow are preventable, and the pain management specialists at Southwest Spine and Pain Center are providing ways to remove snow safely without straining your back.

Stretch and Warm-Up

Shoveling snow is a very trying activity that requires the same level of preparation as other physical activities like running or working out. Plus, the cold air and damp snow can cause your muscles to tense up and stiffen....

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on January 7, 2015

Southwest Spine and Pain Center is second to none when it comes to providing patients with an advantage in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions. The pain management physicians specialize in administering minimally invasive interventional procedures versus other, less effective methods because these techniques allow patients to return to their daily lives quicker, with less pain, and with little-to-no downtime.

It is important for patients to understand that surgery is not the answer to every health problem and that most in cases, pain or an injury can be treated without it. Therefore, the pain management physicians at Southwest Spine and Pain are sharing the benefits of minimally invasive interventional procedures for pain management versus...

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on December 30, 2014

Did you know our physicians have years of pain management experience and world-class fellowship training from institutions like Harvard and Mayo Clinic? Or, did you know that all five physicians at Southwest Spine and Pain Center provide optimal pain care results using a wide variety of injection therapies, minimally invasive surgeries, management of pain medications, and by coordinating physical therapy and advanced imaging?

Well if you didn’t know, now you do, and there’s plenty more information about this team of highly qualified individuals! Read more to see why Southwest Spine and Pain Center is one of the leading pain management facilities in the southwest.

When it comes to pain management, the team values a comprehensive approach. The field of medicine is...

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Submitted by Rachel Cohen on December 30, 2014

From all of us here at Southwest Spine and Pain Center (SWSP), we wish you a happy and healthy New Year! We hope you’ll consider making a few New Year’s resolutions that coincide with your pain treatment at SWSP. The team of highly qualified pain management specialists understands living with chronic pain is not easy, which is why they’ve dedicated their lives to helping those who suffer from it. Therefore, in addition to setting aside time to reflect on the past year, the team at SWSP wants you to consider combining these New Year’s resolutions with your own.

Use Positive Terminology

When you right down a resolution that starts with “I will not…” you’re brain is less likely to register it and commit to it. With only 8 percent of the general population...

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