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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 15, 2013

Getting on the road to recovery starts with identifying the cause of your pain. It’s not enough to have a general perception or feeling about it. Doctors need vital information to correctly and efficiently diagnose and treat their patients. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center the physicians go through several steps to ensure their patients are getting the proper care and attention for their pain problems.

Patient education and involvement is crucial for the treatment process. Understanding what pain is and where it comes from begins the course of pain management. The doctors and entire medical staff keep their patients up-to-date on procedures, treatments, and advancements that the facility takes part in. For pain, education begins with knowing the six types of pain.

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 10, 2013

There seems to be a certain stigma associated with chronic pain. People who don’t suffer from chronic pain consistently judge, especially with how people cope with it. Those who do suffer from chronic pain often feel that their condition is stigmatized or mistreated. The Institute of Medicine recently voiced the need for a “transformation in how pain is perceived and judged.” Out society is seeing more and more patients of chronic pain, and thankfully physicians are beginning to see and understand the severity of these symptoms. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center patients can guarantee the physicians and medical staff to fully and appropriately diagnose and treat their symptoms of pain.

The Institute of Medicine recently reported that in many cases of chronic pain, it is...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 8, 2013

Following low back pain, chronic headaches and migraines are one of the leading causes of chronic pain. According the American Academy of Pain Medicine, a 2009 survey reported that 20% of adults ages 18-44 had experienced at least one headache within the three months prior to the survey. At its minimum, a headache seems like a minor complaint. We see them daily in our busy lives it seems: overwhelming workloads, lack of sleep, time constraints, change in diet, children, and school. It seems that our lives are filled with so much chaos that the occasional headache is inevitable. When headaches become more regular is when it becomes a problem. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, chronic pain is assessed and treated to help each patient reduce pain and get on track to living a normal life...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 3, 2013

The chicken pox seems to be more of a household name over shingles. Scientists and doctors around the world have formulated vaccines to better treat and eliminate the chicken pox virus in the early 1990s when around 100-150 people were dying each year in the United States. It seems mothers and doctors nationwide were on the watch for this virus as early as newborn babies. Within this same virus, varicella-zoster, comes a viral infection called shingles. Like chicken pox, the shingles virus is accompanied with a rash on the skin. Since shingles is not as present in young children, doctors’ concern is focused on men and women 65 years and older. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center patients are assessed and treated for shingles to eliminate pain and recover from the virus...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 2, 2013

Action packed not only describes the movies these days. With sports becoming more aggressive, and accidents at an all time high, neck injuries are treated more frequently. A restless night’s sleep will leave the occasional “crick” in the neck and working out may cause strained muscles. However, certain neck injuries don’t just go away after simple stretches but will actually cause damage to the nerves and spinal cord. These injuries become more difficult to diagnose and treat the more they affect the nervous system. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, the physicians and medical staff know the complications with neck injuries and holistically diagnose and treat patients for a full recovery and a better quality of life.

If not treated...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on April 26, 2013

A recent study conducted by researchers at Texas A&M examined grapefruit as an option for good bone health. They found that grapefruit consumption increased calcium and magnesium content in bones, which they hope will lead to a decrease in the number of osteoporosis patients nationwide. Many people automatically correlate bone health with calcium, but recent studies suggest that fruits rich in antioxidants are equally important for bone development. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, our spine specialists are always staying up-to-date with information to pass along to their patients in hopes of appropriately impacting their treatment process.

Nearly half of all women over the age of 50 in the United State will experience some kind of bone fracture. This number seems way too...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on April 24, 2013

Pain research is continuously being developed and further researched. Once scientists and doctors realized that chronic pain was not just a continuation of acute pain, concentrated research has persisted to grow in order to better treat people who suffer from the disease.  The future of pain research has many practices in order to specialize for the best treatment for each individual patient. To better understand and learn what doctors and researches are working on, Southwest Spine and Pain Center has provided a list of some detailed studies currently being explored.

Morphine is commonly used in doctor’s offices and hospitals to lessen pain for patients. This medication has sparked vast interest and research in pain. Morphine prevents pain messages from temporarily reaching the...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on April 17, 2013

Southwest Spine and Pain Center features specialized pain doctors who provide dedicated care through pain treatments and spine surgery. The practice is comprised of Dr. Derek Frieden, Dr. Jon Obray, Dr. Rick Obray, and Dr. Brian Richardson, whose specialties include:

  • Epidural injections
  • Decompression
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Steroid injections
  • Joint injections
  • Radiofrequency

Together, the doctors and medical staff work to properly diagnose and treat both acute and chronic pain through surgical and nonsurgical means. Pain is a part of everyday life whether it is a broken bone, or a paper cut. However, it is important to know the difference between acute and chronic and how to properly diagnose the pain. The team at...

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