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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on June 19, 2013

People will believe almost anything. Whether they read it on the Internet, or they heard it from a friend, or they heard it from a friend of a friend, we are constantly trusting untrustworthy sources. This goes for spine health as well. There are a slue of myths circling around that, frankly, need to be corrected. The North American Spine Society (NASS) heard this problem and came up with a survey to reveal the most talked about falsities from their patients about back and spine pain. Southwest Spine and Pain Center wants to ensure that their patients are receiving the best advise and recommended treatment plan for their pain or injury.

  1. Exercising causes more back pain: The exact opposite is true, actually. Physicians will typically recommend their...
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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on June 14, 2013

Dr. Vivek Mehta, a pain management physician at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital, was eager and excited when his patient, Wes Woodworth, took an interest in the Precision Spectra spinal cord stimulator implant this April 2013. In fact, Woodworth would be Dr. Mehta’s first patient to receive the implant. It was after a long battle with chronic back and leg pain that Wes Woodworth finally had enough with pain medications that made him feel like a zombie. This revolutionized device is a great option for patients who suffer from chronic pain and whose conservative treatment plans have not shown improvements. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, options for chronic pain patients are extensive and effective. There are a number of treatments and surgeries that are available to patients...

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Submitted by Rachel Meyer on June 12, 2013

 Jorge Fuentes, a physical therapy PhD graduate from the University of Alberta, recently conducted an experiment that measured pain reduction in patients with chronic low back pain. Fuentes says that how a physiotherapist interacts with a patient greatly affects the results of treatment. Every part of the physician, patient interaction is important: eye contact, body language, and listening skills. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center patients can expect a personal, interactive treatment experience to better serve and improve pain symptoms.

Fuentes based his dissertation based on this philosophy. He found that the role of open interaction and communication should involve active listening, eye contact, facial expressions, and tone of voice. All of these factors play a highly...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on June 7, 2013

From a social trend, to being outlawed by almost every advertisement industry, cigarettes have had quite a lifeline in the American community. Tobacco, the primary ingredient in the “cancer stick,” is blended with numerous toxic additives that are harmful to almost every part of a person’s health. Smoking tobacco is linked to pain conditions in the back and degenerative disc diseases. The medical team at Southwest Spine and Pain Center continues to educate their patients on what they can do to quit this awful habit. A lifetime of body damage and stress is not worth the momentarily “kick” from a cigarette.

We have all seen the Truth campaign commercials. Statistics are thrown across the TV screen about a cigarette’s lasting negative effect on the human body, and it’s almost heart...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on June 5, 2013

It seems we’ve done all we can do for providing relief for our chronic back pain: stretching every day, eating the right foods, utilizing treatment plans directed by our pain doctor. Research says that 80% of Americans will suffer from some sort of back pain some time in their lives. With the statistic so high, and more Americans falling into this epidemic, investigators are researching alternative treatments to surgery for chronic back pain sufferers. A recent study suggests that 40% of chronic lower back pain can be attributed to a bacterial infection. Furthermore, the infection can be treated by taking an antibiotic. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, the physicians and experienced medical staff is incessantly researching and developing effective treatment plans based on studies...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 31, 2013

When your child comes home from school and tells you what a pain in the neck their day was you wouldn’t think they actually meant physical pain in their neck. A series of studies conducted by Consumer Reports accounted 7,000 emergency room visits in 2001 to backpack-related injuries, and found the average backpack weighed in at 17.2 pounds: some even topping the scales at 30 pounds! Not only are children carrying too much weight in the bags, but they are not wearing them properly. The misuse and exceeding number of weight limitations is causing major problems of the back and neck. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, a patient with back or neck problems can guarantee an effective treatment plan and warranted advice to keep them safe from further damage and injury.

States across...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 29, 2013

When we get hurt, pain signals are sent through our nervous system to our brain that leaves us saying “ouch.” From the scrape on your knee to the pain you feel after a surgery, our brain processes all forms of pain. Chronic pain, maybe from a degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis, can cause continual pain until it is properly treated. For some patients, stress and depression result from untreated or overly consuming pain levels. Southwest Spine and Pain Center targets chronic pain and designs treatment plans for patients to relieve stress while diminishing pain.

Scientists and researchers have found that chronic pain and depression often occur together. Chronic pain can worsen if it is left untreated and can in the same affect worsen depression symptoms. If the cycle is...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 24, 2013

Sports injuries are inevitable in professional games, and the New York Knicks were no stranger to them this season. Ending their postseason against the Indiana Pacers in game six, J.R. Smith thought that maybe he was to blame for their loss. A source reported that the NBA player, and the Sixth Man of the Year recipient, battled through the post season with fluid in his left knee. Smith reportedly did not make his injury public during the playoffs because he didn’t want to excuse his poor playing. Southwest Spine and Pain Center sees and treats sports injuries much like J.R. Smith’s. Though Smith might have left his injury untreated, Southwest Spine and Pain Center encourages their patients to report any discomfort or injury to better treat and rehab effectively and efficiently.


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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 22, 2013

Think of all the people who have struggled with their weight. Once they were in a routine of exercising and healthy eating, they looked great, right? Well, the easy part was getting there. The hardest part is staying there. The majority of people who go through extensive efforts to lose weight will eventually start to gain the weight back if they do not follow through on their health goals. Just like this process, people who suffer from chronic pain need to make life-changing efforts to stay healthy and pain free. At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, the physicians and entire medical staff work with patients to stay healthy, active, and pain free for the rest of the lives.

The pain management process doesn’t end when the pain does. A person experiences pain for a reason, and when...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on May 17, 2013

Some people will attest that drinking water will cure most diseases in the human body. Chronic pain sufferers may be attributing to their pain by not drinking the right amount of water. The American culture is compelled by fast and cheap products. With fast food chains on the rise and prices of their food and drinks drastically dropping, Americans are opting for unhealthier alternatives in their diet. The bottling industry, in particular, markets Coca Cola and Pepsi products so that we believe they are an appropriate substitute for water. However, this decrease in water in our diet is contributing to the pain we feel in our body. South West Spine and Pain Center encourages their patients to consume as much water as they can throughout the day. Too much is never enough when it comes to...

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