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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on August 30, 2013

The June 3, 2013 JAMA Internal Medicine online publication reported findings from a study concerning statin drugs linked to an increased risk for muscle and joint diseases as well as strains, sprains, and dislocations. Statin medications are used for cholesterol control and prevention of heart disease. However, researchers found that statins, such as Zocor and Lipitor, may contribute to muscle weakness, cramps, and tendon problems.

Offering the finest care to the residents in Utah, Southwest Spine and Pain Center uses advanced technologies and treatments to improve the quality of life of all patients. Physicians accurately prescribe medications based on a patient’s medical...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on August 28, 2013

Alex Rodriguez is no longer making headlines about his January hip surgery. Instead, he’s in the spotlight for his involvement with sports-enhancing drugs. While allegations are still being debated, Rodriguez will not be showcasing his post-surgery capabilities this season due to his legal issues.

Whether Rodriguez returns to the field next season or not, doctor’s confirm his surgery to be a success. On January 16, 2013 A-Rod had arthroscopic surgery to repair his left hip. The procedure was to correct a torn labrum, bone impingement, and a cyst formation.

Fortunately, the surgery is quite common among athletes and Rodriguez was able to start rehabilitation almost immediately after the procedure. Dr. Bryan Kelly operated on the 37-year-old at the Hospital for Special...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on August 23, 2013

In the past, artificial joints were most often considered with metal implants. However, recent statements have reported the damaging side effects that a metal-on-metal hip implant can cause. According to Fox news, The US Food and Drug Administration stated that metal implants can cause severe tissue and bone damage.

At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, surgeons carefully evaluate every patient to ensure that an implant will outweigh the benefits of an alternative hip system. The Southwest team applies nonsurgical therapies before considering surgical means for treatment.

After numerous recalls on the artificial hip implant, the US health regulator issued a statement saying that the metal-on-metal hip replacements could lead to further surgeries. When these implants were...

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Submitted by Rachel Meyer on August 21, 2013

Fans of the Washington Redskins football team are anxiously awaiting news on the breakout superstar quarterback, Robert Griffin III, known to diehards as RG3. Griffin suffered two ACL tears requiring knee surgery and rehabilitation. In the training camps, his coach and others were optimistic that he would return to the field ready to go, but now that the regulation season is getting closer, there is certainly some hesitation.

In the preseason matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, RG3 sat on the bench again, and the team’s PR gurus were quick to deny any reports that RG3 may sit out the first few regulation games of the season. In fact, rumor mills are churning that we may not see RG3 in a game until October 13, which is week six of the regulation season.

Knee injuries...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on August 16, 2013

Many people don’t realize that back problems and foot conditions can actually be the result of the shoes we wear. At least 75 percent of Americans will experience foot pain during their lifetime, and the majority will be women. Society has created the image of a woman in high platform shoes as being sophisticated, poised, and beautiful. Most women are guilty of falling into the trap and end up paying for the price of beauty.

At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, patients receive ample one-on-one time with a physician to go over their condition and what steps need to be made to improve pain. Offering the best pain management strategies and exceptional patient care, Southwest Spine and Pain Center caters to each patient individually.

Foot pain can be that cause of various...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on August 14, 2013

Scientists at John Hopkins University continuously study osteoarthritis and different aspects of diagnosis, treatment, and eventually what will best benefit the patient. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting about 27 million Americans, and remarkably does not have a cure.

Researchers theorize that this degenerative disease is not solely a cartilage problem, but also a condition that breaks down the bone underneath the cartilage and exacerbates the pain and damage.

Offering the best spine and pain care in all of Utah, Southwest Spine and Pain Center continues to provide incomparable care for all of our patients.

What the researchers at John Hopkins found in the clinical trial was that blocking the bone regulation protein actually stopped the...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on August 9, 2013

The decision between physical therapy a surgery for a knee injury can sometimes be a difficult one. Elena Losina, a professor of orthopedic surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, says that “there are patients who would like to get better in a ‘fix me’ approach” and many times, surgery will do that. However, a recent study found that physical therapy could be just as effective as surgery- and cheaper, too!

Southwest Spine and Pain Center is the premier pain care facility that caters to patients who suffer from joint pain, back pain, neuropathy pain, and much more. A conservative approach to treatment is typically sought before recommending surgery to handle a diagnosis.

The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on March 18, 2013 and also presented at...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on August 7, 2013

It’s no surprise that osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. As fast-paced Americans, we are constantly straining and overusing our bodies to better assimilate our lifestyles. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 26.7 million adult American suffer from osteoarthritis. Currently, patients can receive treatment in the form of medication, therapy, injections, and surgery.

At Southwest Spine and Pain Center, patients receive incomparable care coupled with numerous treatment plans catered to their specific condition. The team at Southwest Spine and Pain implement effective pain management strategies to return patients back to a mobile lifestyle.

Researchers at Boston University have developed a new joint lubricant that they say is more...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on July 31, 2013

Many would agree that avoiding surgery is ideal for most chronic pain sufferers. If there are behavioral therapies and exercises that can reduce pain symptoms, then that is what should be applied before any kind of surgery talk.

Pain management specialists will recommend a slue of treatments that patients can do at home. By eating healthy, exercising regularly, and following further instructions from a doctor such as medication or physiotherapy, patients may find significant relief without considering surgery.

Southwest Spine and Pain Center is the premier pain management facility in all of Utah. Offering services in St. George, Cedar City, Richfield, and our new location in Logan, the Southwest Spine and Pain specialists are able to better serve patients in all areas of...

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Submitted by Kaitlyn Wekerle on July 26, 2013

When first introduced into the medical world, pain was frequently ignored and seen as purely a psychological condition that was manifested in a person’s head. Since then, scientists and physicians learned the interdependencies between the brain, nervous system, and the body. Doctors have refined their practices to offer effective treatments to reduce pain and target psychological conditions associated with their pain. People with multiple conditions, such as anxiety and depression, often feel hypersensitive and need treatment that targets all aspects of their mental health.

In some cases, pain is actually caused by anxiety and vise versa. A Harvard Medical School study reported an undeniable connection between anxiety disorder, depression, and chronic pain. Their findings...

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